Aqualung & Lianne La Havas.

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Aqualung (Matt Hales) is old school. I like him. I listened to his stuff when I was university, so there are lovely memories for me of summers as a carefree student. His style is calm, stylish and downtempo. Like James Blake, but less complicated. He and Lianne La Havas, one of my favourite female vocalists of the last few years, have teamed up to create ‘Eggshells’. Aqualung uses vocoda on his voice just for effect, La Havas uses her beautiful vibrato as a backing to the track and the guitar picking and piano chord instrumental flow is relaxed. They are a wonderful combo, and work very well together. Check out ‘Eggshells’ below.

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Terio -Backshots(1995)

hows it going… hope everyones weekend is of to a great start. wanted to stop and post this up fo the world to hear. Guy by the name of Terio. been liking his release for awhile now. so let me know what you think. perfect for a car ride right? lol

Terio – Backshots(1995)


okay lets start it off proper. had to post this one by the homie AEYEZ. from the intro to end this one will have you rocking. DWNSLO’ is the perfect head noddin, bass heavy space adventure. from the first time I heard his material i hit the follow on this guy on SoundCloud. if you dont have any of his tracks in your collection now is the prefect time to add him… just saying. enough talk check it out for yourself


AEYEZ’s SoundCloud

Good morning

Good morning to everyone. hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve had this blog for quite some time. just never took the time to get is rolling. so the basic then?..

first off the names is Mike Mitch. Most know me from soundcloud as Cool A$$ Nobody. nice to meet you all lol. the reason for creating the blog? glad you ask. I love posting music…. ALOT! and i needed a outlet to fully express the music i enjoy besides twitter. therefore …. im here lol. but look forward to much music, dj sets, interviews (hopefully lol) and spotlights and personal thought from this crazy cranium of mine. ready for a journey? hope so.


Mike Mitch